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US Notary Public Services:

Do you require your document to be signed, stamped and/or sealed by a U.S. Notary?  No problem. We have a solution that works with most documentation. Specifically, we're registered in the United States with the U.S. Consulate. Contact us for details regarding this process, the costs and importantly the timelines you can expect. NOTE: THE PROCESS TAKES A MINIMUM OF 2 WEEKS AND CAN TAKE UP TO 3 OR 4 WEEKS.

We come to you!  To your home or office to Notarize, Sign, Stamp and Seal your document. Our Mobile Notary Public Service is simple, convenient and saves you time - it's the alternative to you driving to an office and waiting.

Need your document Notarized? Contact us.
 Ph:  204-808-0445     [or Toll Free:  844-8-NOTARY (668279)]
Email:  info@winnipegmobilenotary.com
All documents are signed, stamped and sealed with our Notarial Seal. Then your document(s) is/are acceptable in Manitoba or, can be sent outside of Manitoba, to any other Province or, worldwide/Internationally.

Some examples of the documents we notarize are: Affidavits,Travel Consents, Agreements, Letters of Invitation, Certified copies, Statutory Declarations, Oaths, Statements, Academic Certification for your University, College or High School degree or transcript, Translation / Translated (language) Documents Certified, Letters of Invitation, Do-it-yourself documents, downloaded documents, out-of-province or out-of-country real estate or mortgage documents, etc. For a more complete list, click "services", here:

Winnipegmobilenotary.com is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Confidential, Convenient, Bonded.

*Serving Winnipeg and surrounding area
Toll Free for outside Winnipeg:
 Ph. 844-8-NOTARY  






Ph: 204-808-0445

Email:  info@winnipegmobilenotary.com

Toll Free: 844-8-NOTARY (668279)

Winnipeg Mobile Notary Public

If you email or phone, please include specifics in the email or voice mail: 

  • Name and Type of document(s) to be Notarized
  • Number of documents to be Notarized
  • Number of notary signatures required
  • Name and Email address
  • Phone numbers, day and evening

Upon our arrival, please:

  • Have copies of your documentation ready and organized
  • Have an original photo I.D. ready
  • Have a copy of the photo I.D. ready

Kyle Soble

Services provided by the:  Kyle Soble law corporation. Notary Public. Lawyer/barrister & solicitor.

kyle j soble notary public lawyer

Need a document Notarized? Contact us today. "We come to you!"