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Winnipeg Mobile Notary Public

Our services

A Mobile Notary Public is a notary public who travels to residences, offices, businesses, hospitals etc. to notarize documents and/or to provide other notary public or commissioning services that may be required. In other words, a Mobile Notary Public comes directly to your location.

Flexible appointment times. You decide. Same day, scheduled or weekend.

Business hours:  9 a.m. to 9 p.m. If you have an urgent matter, it's possible to meet outside of regular hours.

Contact us today at:

Please include: 

Email address
Phone numbers, day and evening
Type of documents to be Notarized
Number of documents to be Notarized
Number of signatures required. Upon our arrival, please:

Have copies of your documentation ready and organized
Have an original photo I.D. ready
Have a copy of the photo I.D. ready

Some of the Documents we Notarize:

Agreements (generally)
Applications (generally). We never sign as a guarantor.

Background checks

Beneficiary Releases
Certified Copies (True) of Documents

Cohabitation Agreements - no legal advice
Commission of Oaths
Consent to Travel Documents

Court Documents
Custody, family or adoption documents
Criminal record checks

Death or funeral certificates

Declarations stating that we've known you for 1, 2, 3 years, etc. - only if we   have known you for the time period stated.

Divorce Affidavits or Petitions
Documentation Certification for Chamber of Commerce 
Employment or job forms
Executor Release and Indemnity
Financial documents, statements

Freedom of Information/Privacy Act Request

Guarantee - we don't do

Health cards - we don't do

Immigration documents
Import, Export document Certification

Indemnity Agreements

Insurance Releases

Inter-jurisdictional Orders
Language documents

Manitoba Public Insurance Declaration of Guarantor for Proof of Identity - we do not sign as a guarantor.
Marriage Abroad

Marriage Certificates


Mental Health Act Consents

Mortgage documents, out-of-province or out-of-country
Notarization of Documents

Passports. No Visa or Passport documents
Pension documents, US, International etc
Proof of Existence; Proof of life
Proof of Loss
Permanent Resident Card Applications
Reference letters

Real Estate documents, out-of-province or out-of-country
School, University or College degrees, Transcripts, Certificates
Separation, Divorce Agreements (no legal advice given)
Small Claim Affidavits
Statutory Declarations
Trade, commerce documents

Visa documents. No Visa or Passport documents

Vital Statistics/records
Vulnerable Persons

Affidavits/Statutory Declarations
(some examples):

Affidavit of Support (Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program)
Common-Law Union
Criminal Record Search
Declaration in Lieu of Guarantor
Document Certification/Notarial Certificates
Lost, stolen, damaged, destroyed or inaccessible Canadian passport or travel documents
Marital / Single Status
Passport Certified True copies

Passport: Statutory Declaration In Lue of Guarantor (pptc 132)
Permanent Resident Card
Statement in Lieu of Non-Impediment to Marriage
Work Permits